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Are you ready to level up and build a full-time income as an influencer?

My name is Iryna and I help influencers scale their income from creating content on social media and working with brands

(for new and experienced creators)


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It's time to level up

If you are a content creator who is overwhelmed with creating content non-stop and still receiving proposals from brands to collaborate with them in exchange for "exposure" or a free product you are in the right place.

I was in the same place years ago. I only received emails from brands that didn't have a budget to pay for quality collaboration. Now I can choose with which brand I want to work and I built different streams of income.

In this picture, you can see one of the three collaborations I did with the jewelry brand Glamira. Together we also created my own collection of jewelry! Something I could never imagine 4 years ago because there was something I didn't now at that time...

Be an influencer, not an "average" content creator

I came from:

  • Negotiations that were based only on my amount of followers and the amount of content I had to deliver to the client

  • Creating content non-stop, getting burned out, and not growing

  • Not having my unique voice, I was an "average" content creator like thousands out there.

  • Not having consistent income as an influencer

And evolve to:

  • Closing quality brand deals based on my impact on social media (not only the number of followers or direct sales)

  • Having a content plan without being overwhelmed and still getting the necessary reach and impressions 

  • An influencer with a unique voice and message, invitations to podcasts, red carpets, and interviews.

  • Consistent income by several streams


Why a lot of content creators can't reach the lifestyle and income of other successful influencers they see out there

As a full-time YouTuber, digital entrepreneur, and coach, I personally grew my following to over 1,2M followers. I also helped 20+ content creators grow their following on social media, work with high-end brands and multiply their income…

There’s one truth I can guarantee:

The reason you haven’t yet grown to the point to work with the best brands and develop a faithful audience is not because of a lack of time, resources, or money. (No matter how much it might feel like it!)

The real reason is one most social media coaches and courses haven’t told you… Because they don’t have the experience or ability to help you with it.

Unlike most “social media coaches,” I didn’t grow my following by creating content on “how to grow and make money on social media”.

Instead, I built a content creator business on social media by producing lifestyle and travel content. I monetized it in many different ways, like most influencers: brand deals, YouTube and Facebook Ads revenue, and selling my own digital downloads and courses.

This is why I can tell you with 100% confidence… Most influencers don´t share this information publicly, only with their close network.

Up until now, you’ve probably only gotten bits and pieces of theories on how to build a professional influencer and content creator career. But never the complete and practical picture. (Otherwise, you’d have the revenue and lifestyle you want right now).

I got my experience by building my network with other influencers, working directly with YouTube managers and owners of influencer marketing agencies. I got real "inside" information I haven't heard in any online course or book.

This process took me years. And in 2019 I finally started to get the results I felt I always deserved but could understand how to get before.

My strategy to overcome fear and create an IMPACT on social media as a professional influencer

I want you to know: My coaching program is not a generalized social media course on how to grow followers and pitch to brands. You probably already have seen this kind of course before.

But when you want to establish yourself as a leader in your niche you not only have to work with numbers but also with your self-esteem as a creator: how to stand out while there are a lot of other creators in your niche; how to be a personality that is attractive for brands and audiences without being a content creator that is begging for “follow and likes” in every post.

That's why I work 1 on 1 with the creators to deliver the best and most personalized results. I deliver my full business, informational, and even emotional support for my dear influencers.

If you have read to this point, I know for sure you are READY to make a "LEVEL UP" in your career, that's why you are here, on my website.


Dulce Dagda
Nutrition Coach, YouTuber, Podcaster

Iryna has opened my eyes to the business opportunity you can create with social media. I started almost 4 years ago and I have never had anyone who could guide me honestly and patiently on how to grow and leverage social media. Iryna has shown me that you don't need millions of followers to create a faithful community of followers that can become potential customers, the important thing is to know how to take advantage of creating a real niche.


Elizabeth Evtushenko
Language Expert, TikToker, YouTuber

I met Iryna through social media. Since then she has been an amazing coach and has helped me grow my social media influence. Every new project has its ups and downs, and the creation and development of business haven’t been an easy task at all. Thanks to Iryna’s constant advice and guidance on analytics, positioning on social networks and working with brands, I have been able to clarify many of my doubts and see tangible results in my growth. I highly recommend her and her coaching if you are stuck and don't know what to do.


Betsy Reuss
Sexologist, Psychologist, Tv Host

I started my channel some months ago and I knew the basics about YouTube analytics. Iryna taught me many things about how to create better content that is interesting for my subscribers and how I can keep growing my audience and views on my videos. It's something I didn't know I needed until she explained it to me. Now I sell my own products and work with brands without investing an extra time in pitching because they are finding me on social media.


It's Time for the Next Step — Schedule your Free Strategy Call Today 

Just imagine - not feeling stuck and overwhelmed, doing less but getting more, working with brands that value your effort. You will have a coach that will help you push through those barriers and get real results.

You won't be doing it alone anymore! I'm guiding your hand and pulling you up with me, and we will figure it out and make those shifts together so it has a high chance of success.

Doesn't matter if you are a new creator or an experienced one, there is always room to grow. Let's do it together!

Meet your coach

Iryna Fedchenko

  • 800k followers on YouTube

  • 7 years of experience  creating video content

  • Videos with more than 4M views

  • 1,5M unique views and 48M total views

  • Collaborations with big brands in different fields (Hyundai, Under Armour, Lingoda, Toyota, Binance)

  • Coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 for her YouTube channel and big mass media companies such as Televisa, Imagen, UnoTv.

  • More than 20 happy clients

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