Build your online business

using Youtube

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Everything you need to learn about how to target your audience with video content, build your personal brand and sell products and services.

Why Youtube is the best platform for building your personal brand and online business? 

Video content is a trend


More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. 56 countries post content in 61 languages.

Get discovered easily 


Show your talent and your knowledge and get discovered by big companies and brands.

Find the right audience


Tell your story and build strong and loyal audience.


You can self-manage your life, create your own company and launch your products.

Higher price to your services and products


Being recognizable on the market gives you more chances to build successful online business.

Large term results


Video content helps create better connection and lasting relationships converting your follower into long term consumer.

What you will learn with me?

  • Find out the most popular niches and choose yours for your YouTube channel

  • Content plan: different types of videos and their purpose for your growing

  • How to monetize your business from the beginning 

  • Read YouTube analytics

  • Choose topics for your videos and understand trends on YouTube

  • Increase views on your videos

  • Story telling secrets: let the audience fall in love with you

  • Your personal brand on YouTube

  • The power of networking and collaborations to help you growing fast

About Iryna Fedchenko


More than 500k followers on YouTube

4 years of experience  creating video content

Videos with more than 3M views

1,5M unique views and 26M total views

Collaborations with big brands (Hyundai, Under Armour, Toyota)

Coverage of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 for her YouTube channel and big mass media companies such as Televisa, Imagen, UnoTv.


"I created my channel in 2016 and since then I am obsessed with this platform that allows me to travel the world, work on incredible projects, with big brands and especially do what I have always dreamed of - telling stories for millions of people."

What my clients say about this webinars:

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Dulce Dagda

Nutrition Coach, YouTuber, Podcaster

"Iryna has opened my eyes to the business opportunity you can create with social media. I started on YouTube almost 4 years ago and I have never had anyone who could guide me honestly and patiently on how to grow and leverage social media. Iryna has shown me that you don't need millions of followers to create a faithful community of followers that can become potential customers, the important thing is to know how to take advantage from creating a real niche."

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Elizabeth Evtushenko

Language Expert, YouTuber

"I met Iryna through social media. Since then she has been an amazing YouTube coach for me and helped me grow my channel and subscriber base. Every new project has is ups and downs, the creation and development of my YouTube channel hasn’t been an easy task at all. Thanks to Iryna’s constant advice and guidance on topics such as: analytics, positioning on social networks, use of equipment, I have been able to clarify many of my doubts and see tangible results on my channel growth. I highly recommend her and her products as a YouTube coach if you want to launch and develop a successful YouTube channel."

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Betsy Reuss

Sexologist, Psychologist, Tv Host

"I started my channel some months ago and I knew the basics about Youtube analytics. Iryna taught me a lot of things about how to create better content that are interesting for my subscribers and also how I can keep growing my audience and views on my videos. It's something I didn't know I needed until she explained it to me. Now I want to learn more and keep growing my channel."

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Kery Ruiz

YouTuber, Tv Producer, Sports Expert

"I had my YouTube channel for more than 5 years and I could never find a way to make it work. Fortunately, Iryna explained the steps I should follow and motivated me to start creating new types of video to find my own style. Today thanks to her I have my channel with more than 100,000 subscribers in less than two years of work. No doubt, without Iryna I would not have succeeded."